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About Marshall L. Magincalda

Marshall L. Magincalda is an accomplished attorney based in Abilene and San Angelo, Texas, with a diverse background in military service, legal experience, and a solid commitment to helping others. His journey began after the tragic events of 9/11 when Marshall felt the call for duty and joined the Marine Corps. He spent his time in service as an infantryman, where he conducted small-unit warfare and participated in humanitarian missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

During his time in the military, Marshall underwent rigorous physical and mental training. He is a battle-tested leader, and in 2004, while on his second tour of duty, serving in the battle of Fallujah, he witnessed the devastating consequences of urban warfare, which opened his eyes to the profound suffering endured by the people affected by it. His leadership skills were tested when his team leader was wounded, and Marshall had to take on the mantle of leadership. Through his dedication, level-headedness, and quick thinking learned during his training, he successfully led his unit. He returned home without losing any Marines under his charge, earning two Purple Hearts.

After completing his enlistment and inspired by his grandfather’s wishes and the lessons learned from his time in the Marines, Marshall set his sights on a higher education and pursued a Law Degree. He had to work multiple jobs to support his education, another example of how dedicated he was and still is to his fight for justice. 

Marshall's legal career includes valuable legal experience from working at The Carlson Law Firm in North Austin and Snodgrass Law, PLLC, where he honed his skills as a law clerk, legal researcher, writer, and client coordinator. He also had the high honor of interning at the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer College in Dubois, Wyoming, where he gained hands-on experience in applying trial preparation methodologies by assisting professors throughout the process. His biggest takeaway was that each client has a story as unique as their DNA and that it is vital to tailor his approach to each one's individual needs.

Marshall proudly obtained his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He is an active member of the American Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division and Phi Alpha Delta’s Engle Chapter. Admitted to the Texas State Bar in February of 2022, Marshall practices criminal, business, and personal injury law in Abilene, San Angelo, and Surrounding Areas. Marshall also holds a B.A. in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of California, San Diego, where he was awarded the Best Senior Research Project Award and Scholarship and received Provost Honors, and is the author of a war and military action fiction novel titled "Dark Homeland." You can find more details and purchase a copy here.

Marshall truly is a unicorn among Texas attorneys. With his combined military background and legal expertise, Marshall L. Magincalda is a bulldog in the courtroom. He provides compassion and dedication to his clients while standing toe to toe with his opponents to protect and advocate for their rights and obtain the most favorable outcome in all situations.  

Whether it is defending against criminal charges, seeking compensation for personal injuries, or navigating the complexities of business law, Marshall L. Magincalda is a trusted attorney who is ready to serve Abilene, San Angelo, and the surrounding communities with excellence, integrity, and compassion. Please schedule a consultation today, and let Marshall be your advocate.



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It's a dark age. Max wakes up on the day the Twin Towers fall. The world is controlled by a secret cabal through lies and blackmail. Knowing something isn't right, he searches for the truth, while falling victim to patriotic fervor for war. He joins the military, survives boot camp and journeys across the globe on multiple tours of wartime duty. On a similar path is one of the world's most infamous elite mercenaries called "Raider". Forced to carry out the will of the cabal to clear his name, he only wants revenge. While members of the evil group push forward a bigger agenda, they, too, seek out their own objectives. A quirky, ingenious senator works his web of plots while a dark and beautiful foreign priestess sets her sights on the ethereal powers of another realm through magic. A top secret plot for the cabal unfolds while the great wartime battle for Fallujah rages in the background. When they all come together before the ancient desert ruins of Anbar, their shared revelations shatter the web of lies and sends them on a new path.

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