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Compassion and dedication come first. I recognize your time is valuable, especially during this stressful period, and that any time we spend together must be meaningful and beneficial to you. 

One of the ways I choose to do this is by being completely transparent with you, my potential client, about my fees. I hope that by having a readily available fee schedule, you feel more at ease and see that I am genuinely committed to open communication and guaranteeing you have the tools you need to make informed decisions during this frustrating time. 

A Standard Consultation is $50.00, which goes back into your retainer account if you hire me. In a standard consultation, we will spend an hour discussing your legal issue, and I will provide a plan of action based on my professional opinion. This consultation is typically scheduled by those wishing to hire me vs. going about handling their case pro se. 

I also offer a Pro Se Litigant Consultation Consultation, which is $300.00. This is a new service suggested by a Law Librarian friend of mine that helps those of you who would like to try and handle your legal matters on your own or might not have the funds available right now to hire me for full representation obtain the advice you need to get your process started. In this consultation, we will spend half an hour discussing your legal issues, and I will provide a plan of action based on my professional opinion. You will receive the pro se forms, their names, or the information on how to perform any research you may need to do for your case. Then, I will spend half an hour answering any questions you have about the forms you need to fill out and file. Please keep in mind that there are limits to this consultation and consider full legal representation for complex legal matters. Additionally, I will only provide guidance outside the consultation with another scheduled consultation or if you hire me for full legal representation. This consultation fee minus $50.00 will be applied to your retainer account if you hire me instead of going pro se.

If pro se is not for you and you would rather have someone else handle everything for you, then I am more than happy to assist! My standard rate is $300.00 per hour, and my retainer fees start at $700.00 per misdemeanor charge, $1,000.00 per felony charge, and $5,000.00 for small businesses. For personal injury cases, I charge my fees based on a percentage of the injury award. My standard rate is 33% for cases that settle out of court and 40% for those that go to trial. 

In every possible situation, I will attempt fee shifting, where I have the court make the other party pay your legal and attorney fees.

I aim to make your legal process as simple, stress-free, and transparent as possible. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I want to ensure we find the best possible outcome for your needs.

Hiring me as your legal representative is an excellent idea for several reasons, even if it may be more expensive than going pro se (representing yourself in legal matters). 

Pro Se Consultation

 I offer Pro Se Litigant Assistance Consultations. This service provides guidance on proceeding pro se (representing yourself) and equips you with the necessary information to handle your case independently. We can also provide you with the pro se forms you may need for your case.

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